To Friends and Family

We are excited to tell you about our plans to expand our family through adoption! It has been quite an emotional journey to get to this point, but we are ready for the next chapter in life. You may be familiar with agency adoption where an adoption agency matches a birthmother with potential adoptive parents. We are again pursuing independent private adoption which means we are searching on our own for a birthmother who has an unplanned pregnancy and who wishes to make an adoption plan for her child. Once we find her, we will put her in contact with our attorney who will secure legal representation for her and assist us with the rest of the legal process. As evidenced by our son Ryan, private independent adoption is a successful way to expand our family.

The first step in this process is to update our home-study, which we have successfully completed, and then the next step is to get the word out!!!! Our attorney cannot assist us in finding a birthmother but our friends and family can as long as they are not being paid to do so. We would appreciate your help in spreading the word that we are adopting again and in search of a birthmother. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool so we are getting the word out in as many ways as possible. If you feel comfortable helping us advertise, please click here to be taken to a flyer that you can print out and post in places such as grocery stores, churches, and college bulletin boards.

If you know of a pregnant woman who may wish to make an adoption plan, please don’t hesitate to tell her about us. We would love to meet with her or answer any questions she might have. You may give her our first names only (in order to maintain some anonymity), our personal toll free number (1-800-253-0973), our local number (443-931-7837), our website address, and our e-mail address (

We appreciate your support and continued prayers as we travel through this next leg of our journey. Thanks for spreading the word and helping us during this exciting time!

Angela & Scott