To Birth Parent(s)

We respect you for the unselfish choice you have made concerning your future and that of your baby. Certainly, we cannot pretend to know how you are feeling at this moment, but we promise that your child will always find love, warmth, laughter, and protection with us. You will always be in our hearts and prayers as the generous bearer of our most precious gift. Always know your child will be treasured, cherished, and grow up surrounded by love.

We have been together for over twelve years and married for eight. Our home is filled with lots of love and happiness (not to mention silliness, music, laughter, and fun.) Scott is an Electrical Engineer with a Master's Degree and Angela is a Contracts Manager with a Bachelor's Degree. We have a strong marriage and enjoy going to the park, swimming in the pool, playing with our dog, spending time with our son and working on house projects. We frequently go to the local theatre, Ravens and Capitals games, and the Renaissance Festival. We take regular vacations to places such as the Eastern Shore, the Caribbean and camping in Gettysburg, PA. With our family still in Florida we also travel there to enjoy family time and the beaches.

We live in a four bedroom home with a fenced-in back yard in a county with one of the best school districts in our state. We picked this area with the plan for children in our future. Our neighborhood is young and so are the families that live here. Of the 14 houses on our cul-de-sac, all but one has children that range from infants to teenagers. We have an awesome sledding hill for the winter and an in-ground pool for summer fun. We enjoy fun activities and want to share the joys of life with our children. We believe we have a lot to offer that special child. Since we didn’t get married until later in life, we are more mature and have discussed how we will parent as well as what family values we will instill. We are both firm believers that happy, successful children are those that have involved parents. We put our children first and provide an atmosphere of trust, love and support. We are extremely involved with our son and want to share these special family times with your baby. We love being parents and look forward to having our family grow again through adoption!

Angela works from home two days a week in order to spend more time with our son and weekends are family time. We plan on keeping this routine with the addition of another child. Our weekends are filled with running errands, a few house chores, church and fun activities like going to the park to explore, riding a carousel, swimming in the pool, reading books, or going on a picnic. During the summer we go to the county fair, company picnics, camping, or hiking. In the fall and winter we watch the Raven’s games, go to the zoo or have lunch with friends. Ryan is our world and we are so grateful that the blessing of adoption has brought him into our lives. We can’t wait to share our love with your baby. We will encourage our children to develop their own talents and will provide opportunities for them to participate in activities that interest them. We want our children to be well rounded and involved in a variety of activities. Schooling is important to us, so we will teach them the importance of hard work and education. We will also show them how to be kind, thoughtful, and helpful to others.

Our current family is possible because of Ryan’s courageous birthparents. Our children will know they were adopted from their birth. We will tell them often of the beautiful and special way they were brought into our home. You will always be spoken of with great honor and respect. Our child will know how much you love them and that your decision was made out of complete love.

We hope that this letter has helped you to get to know us and has piqued an interest in knowing us better. Please visit our About Us and Photo Gallery pages to learn even more about us. We would like to meet with you so that we can better know each other and determine if our situations are a good fit.

We have written this letter to let you know about us and our sincere desire to adopt a child. We hope that you will consider us in your selection process. Please contact us at our personal toll free number 1-800-253-0973 or 443-931-7837 or via email so that we can answer additional questions.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Angela & Scott